We help those who open a new office!We provide help at a very cheap price. 
Welcome to the website of used office furniture OA SOYU!!
We have a store in Kanda (Tokyo), and one in Matsudo (Chiba), the total store space is about 3300 sq. meter! !
We are proud that our shop has a very large stock of office furniture, which is available at a very cheap price. 
We not only provide those items which you look for at a very cheap price, but we also buy and dispose of those items which you want to throw away at the time of shifting.
Moreover, we carry out the interior decoration and finishing work including telephone line construction for those people who open a new office. 
If you want to evaluate our work, you can do it free of charge. 
If you need much more information, please feel free to contact us by FAX or 

Large number of stock!
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